Bow Maker

​Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1955, Jose moved to New York in 1971. He began his apprenticeship in bow making and repairs in 1975 at the shop of William Salchow. Jose worked under the guidance of Mr. Salchow and Francisco Torres, later becoming the shop’s foreman.

Jose opened his own shop in Queens, New York in 1981 and later shared a shop on West 57th Street with the violin maker Gael Francais. After approximately seven years, Jose opened a shop on the corner of Broadway and 57th Street, later moving to Broadway and 60th Street where he maintained his shop in New York City until the year 2000. Jose's bows were branded “J.L. DACUNHA N.Y.” until 2000.

In August of 2000 Jose moved to Miami, Florida where he currently makes, restores, rehairs and sells bows, doing business locally and nationally. He now brands his bows “J.L. DACUNHA”.